Monday, August 15, 2011

Bloom Day August 2011 - Giant White Flowers

Seems that most of what's blooming in my San Francisco garden right now is big, white and fragrant!

There is Impatiens tinctoria.....

The 30 year old fragrant in the early evening -
And the Burmese Honeysuckle (human hand for comparison).
Fragrance, to me, is such an important component of a garden, that I'm just really happy that these three guys are doing so well.
This is my first contribution to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, and I hope to have something to share from my small garden every month.


  1. I don't think I've ever seen Impatiens tinctoria - its really lovely!
    Happy GBBD :)

  2. I enjoyed seeing your fragrant flowers. I could almost smell the sweet scent of the Brugmansia, one of my favorite plants. Happy Bloom Day and I will look forward to your future posts!

  3. Welcome to GBBD, always a pleasure to see what people have blooming in their area. Hey, your in SF, too. That Brugmansia is wickedly cool. At 30 years, how tall is it? We just started a B sanguinea that is looking promising for some blooms soon. Matti


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