Thursday, February 2, 2012

Home Grown Avocados!

Did you know that, thanks to Super Bowl Sunday guacamole, more avocados are consumed in the U.S. in January and early February than any other time of the year?
Despite the fact that our household knows next to nothing about sports, the avocado tree in our backyard decided to celebrate the season by gifting us with -TWO- lovely little avocados...

This is quite a feat for us here in the middle of San Francisco, as our climate zone is not really warm enough in the summer for avocados to thrive.

But that does not prevent our avocado tree from flowering like crazy every year...
And every year we fervently hope that some of these flower buds mature into lovely, luscious avocados...

So even though two smallish avocados may not seem like much of an accomplishment, we were very pleased with our harvest, and standing at the kitchen counter, we slowly savored every nutty, buttery bite....

This week I'll be passing the plate around at
Show and Tell Friday
Home Sweet Home
Show Off Your Cottage Monday


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely post at Potpourri Friday!

  2. Oh, How exciting! I have 5 pits that have rooted on my windowsill over the last few weeks, and every day I hope that at least one of them will grow up to our very own tree! Being in the Mediterranean, I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the hope, :)

  3. Oh, I always wondered if we could grow avos here in SF! Congrats on the harvest!

  4. Hello,
    I visited your blog today - I saw you on sweet Ria's blog. Your little blue bird in the hands caught my eye. I had to comment on this post because you have home grown avacados on here, and they are my favorite. I eat them all the time. Your blog is lovely, and I really enjoyed browsing through all the pictures. Me and my daughters started a blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you. Your blog is filled with peace and beauty. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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