Monday, April 30, 2012

Gardenias - Again......

Don't know how many times I've attempted to grow gardenia plants in the house, but I do know that all of them eventually ended up in the compost pile.
Gardenias are tidy little plants with shiny oval leaves, but it's the fragrance, obviously, that makes me attempt the seemingly impossible one more time.
Let me introduce the two new contenders -

Gardenia radicans - a dwarf, small leafed species that seems a little tougher than the "florist variety" gardenia. This one came (off eBay) from a grower in South Carolina already in bud.
It sits on our kitchen counter, next to a south facing window that is somewhat shaded by a row of potted bromeliads growing along the windowsill outside.
No bud drop yet, which is a very good sign!

And now for the wild card - an impulse buy Friday from our local hardware store, a sad little leftover from the blooming Easter plants display......

Gardenia jasminoides "Veitchii" - the difficult one!
Despite clusters of yellowing leaves, it still had about ten plump flower buds securely attached.
It was marked half off, and I took this for a sign.....

I found a home for this one at the side of another south facing window - a window filled with panes of decorative "glue chip" glass that softens and diffuses the direct sunlight streaming through.
It's also the warmest room in our house, another point in my favor, as gardenias hate drafts and chills.
So here we go again - the morning misting with warm water has begun, and maybe this time, with a little luck, I'll have  Flowers In The House .


  1. ah I love your flowers but sympathize with the difficulty in growing them indoors.

    I have a standard gardenia plant we overwintered in the basement. Little light, no water. It's outside now. We'll see.

    But those flowers with that scent makes it all worthwhile.

    Good luck and thanks for joining in!

    xo Jane

  2. Gardenias are so hard, unless you live in Florida. My mom had two giant bushes outside and that intoxicating aroma will get you every time. Good luck with them!

  3. i love them too! Keep trying :)


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