Friday, May 25, 2012

Fragrant Gardenias & Sweet Cherries

The miniature gardenia plant that I've been fussing over for the past month (morning misting, coffee grounds fertilizer) finally bloomed this week...

And even though the flowers are relatively small, I could smell them this morning as I walked into the kitchen.

 Cherries also made their first appearance at this week's farmers' market -

Hope you're enjoying this wonderful time of year as much as we are!
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  1. Now not only do I have gardenia envy...our farmer's markets aren't open yet :( Have a lovely weekend.

  2. We're really lucky to have year-round outdoor markets here in SF - and to be able to support our local organic farmers by purchasing almost all of our weekly produce from them.
    How soon will your local markets open?
    Are they relatively close by and easy to visit?

  3. Aren't gardenias amazing? Mine is almost finished blooming for the season but each time I walked out to my patio, it was the first thing I smelled. We haven't seen any cherries yet. After seeing your photo, I will be keeping my eyes open. Love your pretty blue colander.

  4. Your lovely flower looks wonderful & those cherries! Well I just want to eat one {:0)

  5. I've never had any luck with gardenias, but my friend had one and it grew into a huge bush - about 3 feet high - I can remember how wonderful it smelled! I can't wait for the Queen Anne cherries!


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