Thursday, June 7, 2012

Roseville - Bird Nests - Baskets

Roseville pottery, abandoned birds' nests, and vintage baskets -
Collected over the years, these things are displayed around the house and bring me great joy....

I suppose we all want to surround ourselves with the things that make us happy.
Isn't it fun discovering the unique treasures that show up in other peoples' homes?

This week I plan to visit the gatherings at....

Vintage Inspiration at Common Ground
Home Sweet Home at The Charm of Home
Simple Sweet Friday at Rooted in Thyme


  1. Love the Roseville pottery! Specially love the bird nests resting in your beautiful collection.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love that pottery. I used to have several pieces but, I sold them. I was always drawn to it at flea markets. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  3. two things we have in common....roseville and birds nests. i too collect nests when i find them. as for roseville, when my neighbors across the street moved they had a yard sale. what they didn't sell went at the end of the drive....from my kitchen I said....hmmm, that dish looks interesting. I walked over, and lo and behold a BIG piece of roseville. A beautiful amber colored bowl with Freesia. From the marks on the inside of the bowl I'd say they'd been using for a pencil bowl. It all came out and I am the proud owner a perfect condition roseville bowl!

  4. following from the merchantile muse blog hop. Love the birds nests....


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