Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wide Shot - June 2014

This month I'm joining  Heather at Xericstyle with a wide shot of our San Francisco backyard and deck (taken from a second story window).

Most of those bright spots of color are DH's beloved bromeliads, with scattered foliage and succulent contributions from me.

I'm encouraged by what I see from this perspective, and it will be interesting to watch the garden evolve over the the next few months.....a few pots and planters still need to be filled, and supplies (that jug of Sluggo and wicker basket dropped in the middle of the rug) will be stashed away before next month's photo.

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  1. Lovely and so inviting! I have deck envy - big time. This is a great viewing point for your plants as opposed to your planters - seeing only the foliage from above and not being distracted by what is doubtless a fascinating array of containers. We have a smattering of bromeliads nestled in groundcovers between winters but that area isn't suitable for succulents here. I love them in combination!


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