Thursday, June 2, 2011

Porch to Aviary - This Summer's Project....

We've just started work on the house project for this summer - enclosing a small outdoor porch off the kitchen and filling it with birds!

I've always loved finches, and for years had societies and sweet little waxbills living in dome-shaped canary cages suspended from the ceiling of our breakfast room - you can see part of the room just on the other side of the tall glass panel, at the end of the porch.

But keeping birds in the house can be quite a mess, with seed spread all over the floor and throughout the plants growing below the cages.

Also, some people, especially my dear brother, were troubled by seeing birds living out their lives in relatively small cages.

The new aviary will provide enough room for my tiny birds to perch and fly around and generally have a great time.

And the view from inside the house, through that large unobstructed pane of glass, should be fantastic!


  1. My cousins had finches, and apparently any time a guest stayed overnight there would be a different report in the morning with regard to how the finches' song had filtered into the guest's dreams. One thought it was a never-ending doorbell; another thought it was a telephone ringing. When I stayed over, I thought it was someone talking to me.

  2. Your blog looks nice !! i hope you like blogging !! welconme in blogland....lovely day

  3. That sounds so wonderful! It will provide you more enjoyment I'm sure watching them in a bigger space and enjoying themselves =)

    I would love to have something like that but we have enough with the dogs and cats haha

    Found your link on the Etsy Promotion team =) I'd follow you but the followers thing is messing up on me again maybe it will appear after I post. =)



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