Monday, July 30, 2012

Celebrating with Jane & Friends...

Fuchsia "Fanfare" grows like a weed here in San Francisco, and is blissfully immune to the ubiquitous fuchsia mite that distorts leaves and flowers on most other varieties.

 Jane's "Flowers In The House" blog celebration motivated me to do some overdue pruning on our backyard monster!

"Fanfare" has huge flowers - most are at least 3 inches long.

It's easy to see why one of the old fashioned common names for fuchsia is "Lady's Earrings"... 

Today there are floral offerings from all over the world here on Jane's blog....
Flowers In The House


  1. Beautiful. i love your use of plant clippings and your styling is fantastic.

    Thank you for joining us!

    xo jane

  2. Ditto Jane. These are really something, I have a distant memory of seeing similar in Florida when I was growing up, could this be correct? I love the bird's nest.

    1. Florida might be a little too warm and sunny for fuchsia - which is why they've made such a home here in foggy SF.
      There are so many tropical flowering plants that have this type of elegant, pendulous bloom, bet your Florida flower was some very exotic specimen!

  3. "Lady's Earrings" makes a lot of sense. Before I read that tidbit I was looking at your photographs and noticing how the blooms seem to be comfortably lounging.

  4. I lived in Santa Cruz a zillion years ago, and the fuschias loved the cool sea air. Beautiful pictures!

  5. Lovely photos and a beautiful flower. Love the name Lady's Earrings!

  6. Love your fuchsia! The color is amazing. (I also love that little nest, it's too sweet!)

  7. Your fuchsia is gorgeous and I love that they were known as 'lady's earrings'.
    your whole display is very artisic and beautiful.
    Penny x

  8. Very beautiful shots. I grew up in here the Bay Area, and in the 60s it was all fuchsia, jasmine, and juniper EVERYWHERE! Not to mention camellias:).


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