Sunday, August 5, 2012

Urban Cottage Garden - Lilies and Roses

There is a garden planted right along the sidewalk, just over the hill from our house, that has had me swooning for the past few weeks.
It's along one of my favorite "backroad" routes home after working with clients on Russian Hill. I had intended to stop and take pictures several times, but didn't have a chance until late yesterday afternoon, meandering home from a weekend plant sale in Golden Gate Park.
The sun still hadn't broken through the summer fog, so it was ideal light for picture taking, and the light breeze was saturated in lily perfume.....

Plant choice and thoughtful composition are what make this strip of garden memorable.
Roses and lilies have an old fashioned affinity for one another (they have all the romance of a Fantin-Latour painting mixed together as cut flowers in a vase) and their two fragrances combine beautifully.
The alternating vertical lines of the rose standards and lily stalks complement one another, as do the colors - the pale apricot of the roses, brick red of the new rose foliage and the clean white lily trumpets.

The large plexi panels used instead of standard fencing material is another crucial design element. They are somewhat translucent (you can just barely see the plants growing in the yard on the other side) but opaque enough to provide a dramatic background for the sidewalk plants.

The stacked cobblestones that form the base of the planter are as rustic as the "cottage garden" plant choices, and provide a nice architectural contrast to the "modern" feel of the plastic panels.
Not to be overlooked, the mounding plants at the soil line add just the right touch of softness to the low stone wall.

All in all, this is an inspiring bit of urban landscaping that works on many levels.....

Well done, San Francisco neighbors!

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  1. This is such a gorgeous strip of garden--I can see why you swoon! I love the plexiglass idea as well--you are right, it does make a wonderful backdrop for the lovely flowers. I also enjoy the scent of lilies--I have some growing in my garden now as well. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures and garden design insights in your post--well done!

  2. Really appreciate your kind words.
    I always associate the fragrance of lilies with late summer....

  3. What a great idea - lilies between the roses, I will be planting those righty quick!

    Popped in from Wow Us Wednesday.

  4. A very effective grouping and design! Larry

  5. How pretty this looks. I love the height of the roses. It softens the look of the fence and the lillies add so much to the overall look. Very nice.

  6. that is a great site to see every day. :-) found your from Mercantile Muse.

  7. wow - it's so beautiful. nice that they all bloomed at the same time and put on such a fantastic show. thanks for linking up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party! xoxo, tracie


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