Monday, August 27, 2012

Honeysuckle & Angel's Trumpet

Flowers in the house - on a grand scale!
The brugmansia and Burmese honeysuckle have been giant green anchors in my backyard garden for well over twenty years now - both were purchased in gallon pots from a vendor who sold plants at the Marin City flea market in the '70's and '80's.
For those who are unfamiliar with Burmese honeysuckle (Lonicera hildebrandiana), it is essentially a common honeysuckle on steroids - see for yourself.....

Over the years it has covered a very large arbor and developed a pretty thick trunk. It's quite an architectural plant, trouble-free and very easy grow, if you have the space.

The brugmansia (angel's trumpet) was unhappy for the first few years it lived with us as I attempted to grow it in a container on our first story deck. Once I found a place for it in the yard below, it really took off, and is now taller than the deck it lived on (16+ feet). The tender subtropical delights us with several amazing bloom cycles per year - they are the traditional flowers on our Thanksgiving table.....and their spicy, thick evening scent is almost overpowering.

Large and fragrant - love that about both these plants, and they make wonderful cut flowers tucked around the house....

Hope you visit Jane's Flowers in the House to see what other flowers are being admired and enjoyed this last week of August.

Will also be visiting the
Cottage Garden Party
at Fishtail Cottage....


  1. Love that brugmansia, it's like a curtain, absolutely stunning. These blooms all look so exotic "in the house". Lovely.

  2. Yay! i was so hoping you would join us.

    Always a little something different from you.

    And such beautiful vignettes.

    That is one hell of a plant. I'm going back to take another look.

    xo Jane

  3. Goodness me. I wonder if that trumpet flower comes in a tree variety? There is a tree in the Sydney botanic gardens that has the same flowers and is awash with them in summer.

  4. Both are really beautiful but that brugmansia is really a show stopper! I visited San Francisco in February one year and I think I recall seeing them in bloom. For a Northeasterner, anything green in February makes me take notice. I wish we could smell them.

  5. The Angel's Trumpet is amazing! The honeysuckle looks very interesting too, I have never seen it growing here, probably too cold!
    Penny x

  6. I've never seen an Angel's Trumpet that big before! It's too cold to overwinter them outside here, so I've never seen any this large. The Burmese honeysuckle is just gorgeous as well--very large flowers. Thank you so much for sharing these plants in your post--they're beautiful!

  7. Those Angel's Trumpets (brugmansia) are quite spectacular. They can't survive here unless they are brought indoors. When I found out they are poisonous I decided not to try. They look exquisite hanging there by your deck! Those are the largest honeysuckle flowers I've ever seen!


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