Monday, March 18, 2013

Cymbidium Season

Potted cymbidium orchid plants require very little care to thrive outdoors here in our mild climate, and with space always an issue in a city garden, the miniature varieties have always had a special appeal.

Unfortunately it hasn't been the most floriferous cymbidium season, but I discovered this spike tightly curled and hiding behind a cluster of strappy leaves in the potted plants on the deck. It's amazing that the snails and slugs hadn't chewed its plump buds to shreds, but I suppose it's one of the few advantages of having had such a remarkably dry winter this year.

Cymbidium spikes make especially fine cut flowers - they last for weeks, and one by one each of the buds unfurls and opens. The small branch of round green leaves framing this flower spike are from the neighbor's coprosma bush - its common name is "mirror plant" because the leaves are so waxy and shiny.

Have to confess that the sturdy stoneware vase usually sits next to the sink, offering a sweet distraction from dishwashing, always filled with whatever the garden can offer up during the year. I cheated and moved the vase over to the kitchen buffet to take these photos - couldn't seem to crop the faucet out of my original picture and it didn't quite add to the overall mood of the moment.

You might want to follow me and head over to Jane's blog to see what other blooming delights people have rustled up and brought into their homes......

Will be joining in over at Common Ground's Be Inspired gathering this week.....


  1. So beautiful !!!

  2. By the time cymbidium stems hit the flower shop the blossoms are usually open.

    so this is a rare treat. And I love the "mirror plant" not to mention the whole set up. Painting, baskets, vase.


    thank you for joining in.

    xo Jane

  3. The cymbidium is beautiful, and I love the whole vignette you've created. Lovely!

  4. That's lovely - the shiny leaves really set the orchid off. x

  5. Your vignette was delightful and I am sure your little vase loved the change of scenery! I did make quite a few hints around Valentine's about the pretty potted orchids... however, the hint didn't take. Will be treating myself to one of those soon. Thanks for sharing your lovely orchid!

  6. You have a great sense of color. I love the way you combine all the colors in your photos.

  7. That is a beautiful cymbidium and it looks perfect against the lavender baskets and the painting.

  8. Lovely, and I agree with everyone about the pretty vignette!

  9. this is a gorgeous cymbidium!!!


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