Sunday, March 24, 2013

Early Spring Easter Colors Pizza

We're so happy that the backyard garden has started offering up some fresh options for home-grown pizza toppings....
The asparagus spears are still frantically pushing up through the soil into the springtime sunlight, and while weeding the potato beds we unearthed a few Red Thumb fingerlings - don't they look just like radishes?
Sliced very thin and lightly shingled across the top of sun dried tomato sauce and fresh pizza dough, then placed in a 500 degree oven, they crisped into lovely little potato chips (peeking up through dots of melted cheese).

Welcome springtime, thank you garden!


  1. Here it is verry verry cold !!! i hope spring will come soon !!.....lovely week from

  2. Rose!
    how come I never get invited to these dinners?


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